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Soccer Lineup Manager Upgrade

In order to upgrade from the Soccer Lineup Manager software, you must run the following program to upgrade your database.

Download the database upgrade program.

The download is a .zip file that contains an executable; there is nothing to install. Please install the Team Manager for Soccer software before running the upgrade program. The software will attempt to find your database file for both the old and new software. If a database file is not found, you can select the location. The location of the LineupManager database should be listed below.

Windows XP

C:\Program Files\JoeRunnerUSA\Soccer Lineup Manager\SoccerLineups.mdb

Windows Vista / 7

C:\ProgramData\JoeRunnerUSA\Soccer Lineups\SoccerLineups.mdb

The database file for the Team Manager for Soccer program will be in your My Documents\SoccerManager folder.