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The updates on this page are zip files containing the executable file and a new help file (if applicable). Simply download the file and extract the contents of the zip file to your Soccer Lineup Manager program directory (typically "c:\Program Files\JoeRunnerUSA\SoccerManager"). Alternatively, you can download the new installer here, uninstall the old version of the program, and reinstall the new version.

Download Update (v2.3.4)

Update Date Version Comments
6/26/16 Version 2.3.6
  • Changed the way goals are recorded. Included game time. Database changed, so new installer is needed to be downloaded. If you have an older version, email me and I'll send the program to update the goals to the newest version.
8/20/14 Version 2.3.4
  • Added Portrait print option for lineups
5/12/14 Version 2.3.3
  • Added Scrollbar around Players window
  • Moved Save and Cancel button above datagrid in the lineups window
  • Added Score Analysis Report
10/10/13 Version 2.3.1
  • Modified the Team Stat Totals in the HTML Report
9/20/13 Version 2.3
  • Added Team Stat Totals to the HTML Report
  • Added goal counts for each season to the HTML Report
  • Added output roster to CSV capability
8/10/12 Version 2.2
  • Added Training Document Storage and Search
  • Added Age Group Management Screen
  • Added Game Lineups to the HTML output
  • Added Player Evaluation Report
  • Added Season Evaluation Report
  • Added Player Birthday Report
  • Added ability to track unavailable players for games
  • Added All Games Report to HTML output
  • Bug Fixes
9/6/11 Version 2.1
  • Added ability to track season standings
  • Added Season Evaluation
  • Added Player Evaluation for each season
  • Added Position Counts for each player for season
  • Added ability to add Photos to each season
  • Added All Games Report
  • Added Player Practice Report
  • Bug Fixes
12/30/10 Version 2.0
  • Initial Release